Simple Upgrades You Can Do in a Weekend to Sell Your Home

You’ll have a bit of an uphill battle in front of you when you commit to selling real estate in a market like the one we’re all living in right now. Still, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible – or any less lucrative than it’s ever been.

In fact, because so many people are nerved up about the market (and still “waiting” for it to fully rebound before they list), you have the chance to really work some magic when selling real estate. Here are a couple of easy (and almost effortless) tips that you can pull off in a weekend to move your property.

The Kitchen is “Ground Zero”

Regardless of whatever else you end up doing to a home, the entire backbone of the projects should revolve around – and somehow tie into – the kitchen.

There isn’t a single person on the planet looking to buy a home that doesn’t want their kitchen to be as great as it can be. This is why you’ll want to really dress things up.

Keep the color scheme simple, and keep everything clean and in perfect working order. Be sure to highlight just how much space is available (regardless of how large – or not so large – your kitchen is). This is where the bulk of your focus needs to be.

Keep things clean but lived in

You want to hit that sweet spot of staging your home so that it looks clean and neat without running the risk of having people feel like they’d stepped into a furniture store or a magazine page.

Clean things up by all means (and get rid of EVERY negative smell possible), but make sure that the prospects could imagine their families living there. This is how you go about selling your home for the best price in a hurry.

Don’t be afraid of a little personality

Though you should try and drag as wide a net as possible when you’re hunting for buyers in this market, you shouldn’t shy away from showing off a little bit of pop and personality. Only you’ll be able to figure out what that means for each project, but you’ll know it when you see it, that’s for sure!

It’s impossible to go overboard with curb appeal

If there’s one area that you’ll want to tackle (and maybe even spend an entire weekend on alone), it’s going to be your curb appeal. Spruce up the outside of your home and you’ll be able to dramatically boost the chances that it’s sold (at or above asking) with as little extra effort as possible. People want their homes to look as great as can be, but they want to make sure the neighborhood notices them, too.

For more information about little spruces and home staging tips, contact Equity One today. With our low commission rates, it makes sense to invest in little upgrades because their contribution to resale value ends up directly back in your pocket.

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