Some agents will say just about anything to get your business. The Things Some Real Estate Agents Say… Some agents will say and promise just about anything to get your business. Below you’ll find a list of gimmicks, promises and tactics that should be avoided when interviewing real estate agents.  “I have a 5 star… READ MORE

When you bought your house, it likely came with a rental water heater.  Builders in Ottawa have long partnered with water heater rental companies to save money by not having to include the price of a water heater in the selling price of a new home.  As a result, re-sale or new your home has a good… READ MORE

During the winter time and those horribly cold days people tend to turn the heat up in their homes rather than wear warmer clothes inside.  This can cause a serious hike in the electrical bill, and also makes outside feel that much colder.  To avoid the electrical bill hike and the extra chill, follow some,… READ MORE

We’re getting to that time of year that most people dread.  Cold days, colder nights, and even colder mornings getting out of your nice warm bed.  The seemingly endless task of shoveling(unless you have a service) is always daunting.  Basically, unless you really love winter, this time of the year can be a real pain…. READ MORE

Keep your take out containers Plastic take out containers lined with tissue paper are great for larger ornaments or those with special decorations or breakable parts. Egg cartons are great for smaller glass balls. Wrap Lights Around Cardboard When you wrap your lights around pieces of disposable cardboard before putting them in storage, you can… READ MORE

With fall just around the corner, there are some things you may want to consider taking care of to make sure that your house performs optimally over the winter, and that your property is ready to spring back once winter is over. Below is a checklist of things to help with just that. Some of… READ MORE

Homeowner expenses

You might have received your latest property assessment in the mail and been shocked. But did you know that the property assessments you received is not a direct reflection on the actual value of your property? The average property assessment in Ottawa has increased by 3.45 per cent, while throughout Ontario it was up by 18 per cent…. READ MORE

With fall soon approaching, here are some fun ideas that can help you pass the time whether it be a rainy day, or you’re just looking for something to spruce up the fall atmosphere of your home. Pumpkin Carving With Halloween just around the corner, pumpkins are going  to be in an abundance, so why not… READ MORE

Simple Upgrades You Can Do in a Weekend to Sell Your Home

You’ll have a bit of an uphill battle in front of you when you commit to selling real estate in a market like the one we’re all living in right now. Still, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible – or any less lucrative than it’s ever been. In fact, because so many people are nerved… READ MORE

Steal Wall Street Secret to Make Buying Real Estate Almost Foolproof

You might be thinking, “what does wall street have to do with buying and selling real estate in Ottawa?” There’s a lot we can all learn about buying real estate from real deal Wall Street sharks. These masters of the financial universe understand exactly what it takes to cash in big time, and know all… READ MORE