Buy Without an Agent?

Thinking of purchasing a property listed with a real estate brokerage directly from the listing agent? Not a good idea. 

Purchasing directly from the listing agent doubles the agents commission. They end up collecting the listing commission, and the commission typically split with the selling brokerage (representing the buyer). In fact, the seller may get a discount on the total commission paid, whereas buyers get nothing — except the privilege of paying double. You will also be required to agree to dual representation, which at best is a questionable practice since a single agent cannot effectively represent both parties in a real estate transaction. 




The listing agent is working for the seller, and not for you. The agent can not represent your interests — it’s a conflict of interest! In fact, the agent’s job is to get the greatest amount of money from you as possible. The higher the sale price, the higher the commission.


This is why we never recommend you purchase a property directly from the listing agent. There is no benefit in doing so.